MTS Coronavirus policy

Coronavirus Policy

What MTS
is doing to slow the spread

Painting work is essential as long as safety directives are employed. Each person employed by MTS is expected to fully know and adhere to this policy to protect each other, customers, families, and the public. We must know it and do it. We will continue to monitor the situation and update the policy as needed. I have great hope and faith this will pass soon.

  • Social Distancing

    Maintaining a six-foot distance from all persons including fellow team members, the public, clients, and foregoing all physical contact (no handshakes).

  • Staying Home If Sick

    Any employee who has flu-like symptoms within the past 72 hours, including fever, dry cough, or shortness of breath will stay home and follow doctor's instructions.

  • Quarantine When Needed

    If someone has come into contact with another person that has the 3 common symptoms above or has tested positive for COVID-19, quarantine immediately and keep the entire household at home, contact your medical provider, and keep MTS informed.

  • Get Cleared to Return to Work

    A reentry questionnaire, assuring safety for all, will be use for all returning to work, and for any person who wants to enter the MTS office.

  • Education on Safety Procedures

    The MTS team has been educated on proper hand washing and sanitizing and will repeat often. Proper products have been acquired.

  • Proper Sanitization

    Each employee will frequently sanitize the crew's common high-touch surfaces include in the office, warehouse, trucks, and equipment.

  • Wear Masks

    When two or more employees are to be in a MTS vehicle together, they will wear respirators, or they will provide their own transportation to the assigned job-sites.

  • Follow Stay At Home Executive Orders

    Work in interior occupied structures have been, and will be, scheduled in the future after the Stay Home Executive Order is lifted, or when we have the proper quantities of PPE to keep all safe. We have small quantities in stock for special essential jobs.

    Any field employee has the option to wait to work until the Stay Home Executive Order is lifted (even partially lifted requires return). No retribution or blame will be established.

    All management staff has the option to mostly work remotely until the Stay Home Executive Order is lifted.

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