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Is your kitchen in need of a new look? Investing in your home’s interior can be a great way to update your space while increasing the overall value of your home. If you are considering a cabinet refresh, MTS Painting has 40 years of experience. Painting your kitchen cabinets can radically transform and modernize the look of your kitchen, for a small fraction of the price of replacing your cabinets. Even if you hire a professional painting company, the cost comparison is very much in favor of repainting the cabinets.


While many jobs may be easy to do yourself, repainting or staining your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a job for our professional team. We ensure that you achieve your design goals within your set budget, and we deliver a finished product that wows! We can create factory grade finishes to transform the heart of your home.

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Should you paint your cab­i­nets? Ask your­self these questions:

  • Does your kitchen’s over­all size and lay­out meet your needs?
  • Are your cab­i­nets good qual­i­ty
  • And in decent condition?
  • Are your cab­i­nets worth invest­ing in?
  • Do you want to replace wood stain with a painted color or change from one color to another? 

Did you answer ​“yes”? Then let’s keep going

A lot of paint­ing com­pa­nies paint kitchen cab­i­nets. What you need to be aware of, how­ev­er, is that not many paint­ing con­trac­tors know how to paint cab­i­nets the right way. Paint­ing is cheap­er than a remod­el, but it’s still an invest­ment, and you want to be sure your fin­ish looks incred­i­ble and lasts. 


How do we paint kitchen cabinets? 

Step 1. We start with an in-per­son esti­mate. There’s just no good way to ball­park it when every kitchen is so unique. We take mea­sure­ments, lis­ten to your ideas and goals, col­lect the data we need, review the con­di­tion of your cab­i­nets, fac­tor in exist­ing fin­ish­es, etc. 


Step 2. You’ll get a clear, com­pre­hen­sive pro­pos­al with no hid­den surprises. 


Step 3. Once we’re offi­cial­ly under­way, we’ll metic­u­lous­ly pre­pare and con­tain your kitchen. We cov­er floors and coun­ters, and mask sur­faces. 


Step 4. Cab­i­net doors and draw­er faces are care­ful­ly removed and transported to our professional spray room. It’s a labor-inten­sive process, but we do the prep right: clean­ing, degreas­ing, sand­ing, repairs, prim­ing, and top­coats. Every detail matters. The cabinet and drawer boxes are prepped and painted in place.


Step 5. Once the paint­ing is com­plete, we care­ful­ly rein­stall the doors and draw­er faces. We’ll also make any need­ed touch-ups before a final walk-through with you. 

Want to learn more about painting or staining your kitchen or bathroom cabinets or kitchen island? Give us a call at (480) 464-1552.

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7 Year Warranty

We provide a 7 year labor & material warranty because we are confident you will have a long-lasting paint job.


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PCA Accredited contractors have proven their expertise and dedication to quality in the industry.


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We are dedicated to providing quality in every aspect of the job - from the materials to the employees.

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