Color Selecting Tools

Color Selecting Tools

Picking a paint color is a big decision. Luckily, there are a lot of tools to help you pick the right color for your space without having to commit.

Click on each tool to try it for yourself.

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Inspiration can come at any time from anywhere. Don’t let it pass you by with the help of this tool by Sherwin-Williams.

Using an augmented reality experience, you can now take any room and visualize any color in your space.

Dunn-Edwards provides a series of 3 tools to account for color inspiration, color matching, and trying before you buy.


Glidden’s Room Visualizer tool makes it easy to know if a color will look good in your space.

Paint your walls online using Home Stratosphere’s free painting tool. Play with different hues in the same room or paint it one color.

Ace created a hub for everything you’ll need to choose a color. From browsing colors to finding color inspiration, the Paint Studio has it all.

This Sherwin-Williams tool allows you to see colors for your home that are approved by your HOA!


If you are part of a community with an HOA that used Dunn-Edwards paints, you can use this tool to find the approved colors you need.


Sherwin-Williams entered 2021 with their color forecast for the best and most modern paint colors for all of your spaces.

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