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HOA Painting & Community Property Services

At MTS Painting we work closely with the Home Owner Associations (HOA), property managers, and board members to ensure the job is done right and efficiently with little interruption to homeowners’ everyday lives or their community activities. We know that in order to provide everyone in the HOA with quality paint services, having excellent communication is essential.

From site walls and entry fence repairs, to repainting whole properties, our experienced painting professionals are equipped to give your community the look your residents will find pleasing and attractive. Let us help you create a community where your residents will be proud to live.

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HOA Painting Services

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

Fence and Site Wall Painting

Wrought Iron Painting

Decorative Finishes (Faux)

Pressure Washing

Stucco Patching

Drywall Patching and Texturing

Waterproofing Walls and Parapets

Recreational Area (Playground) Painting and Coating

Cabana and Gazebo Painting

Metal Structure Painting

Property Assessment Documentation

Budgeting Projections


Why Should I Paint My Community?

Your job as the HOA board or HOA manager is to keep homeowners happy by maintaining the appearance and value of the property. Painting is one of the many ways you can do this!


It goes without saying that a freshly painted home or building just looks good. When people are driving through the community and looking at the home or amenities, the first thing they are going to notice is the outside of all of these buildings. This is your community’s first impression and it speaks volumes about what living there is like. A paint refresh improves curb appeal and gives homeowners a community that they can appreciate being a part of.

Boost Property Value

Curb appeal and property value go hand in hand. The better your property looks, the more value your property holds. One of the most cost effective ways to increase the property value of the homes and your community in general is to give it a fresh coat of paint to rejuvenate any faded, tired look it has. It allows you to create a sense of safety, fun, and value that draws people in and improves the value of the property.



Increase Overall Lifespan

Paint goes beyond aesthetics – it’s a way to protect your property. Paint, both interior and exterior, is designed to be your first line of defense against the wear and tear all surfaces go through. Exterior paint protects against the harsh Arizona sun and moisture from monsoon season. Interior paint improves the air quality, prevents mold, and covers up fingerprints, scratches, and scuffs. Painting the surfaces in your community will extend the lifespan of your property and prevent more costly repairs and replacements.

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  • What can you paint in my community?

    If it can be painted, we can paint it! We can take care of every condo, or townhome, or single-family home’s full exterior in the HOA, common area exterior surfaces, and interiors of recreation areas. Theme walls, view fences, monument signs, entrance gates, pool fences, utility boxes, street light poles, parking curbs, and more. If you have specific areas that you are curious about, email or call us and we're happy to answer any questions.

  • Do you work with board members or property managers?

    Both - we have experience working with both board members and community managers. Our team, from the President to the apprentice painter, has a deep understanding of the roles each person plays and can meet each member's needs.

  • What does the bidding process look like?

    The process of getting a bid can be done several different ways. If you work with a paint company like Dunn Edwards or Sherwin Williams using their specification, request that MTS be invited to a job walk with the other painting companies they recommend. Another option is reaching out to us via phone call, email, or website form and one of our expert estimators will help you devise the RFP (Request for Proposal) and specifications. If your project is a little simpler and more straightforward, you can contact us and request a virtual estimate where we will give you a price based on pictures, notes, and maps. Even for larger projects, we can often present a surprisingly accurate budgeting bid from our desk using Google maps.

  • Do you take care of repairs?

    We can address damage to stucco, wood, siding, doors, and drywall under our R-62 AZROC contractor license. Any major damage or structural issues should be addressed by a licensed contractor with expertise in those types of repairs. We will consult with you about repairs that exceed our license permissions. We have many referrals to help get you started.

  • How long will my exterior paint job last?

    Exterior paint is designed to last between 7 and 10 years depending on the quality of paint that is used and the amount of exposure it has to the elements.

  • How long will my interior job last?

    Technically, interior paint can last a lifetime. Considering that people contribute to wear and tear and that colors go in and out of style, an interior paint job lasts between 5-15 years before repainting is recommended. This depends on how much traffic is in each room, how much exposure the paint has to the elements (i.e., the sunshine), and the type of paint that was and will be used. MTS Painting works with you to get you the interior paint job you want, and we are happy to help make recommendations and provide options to meet all your needs.

  • Can we refer you to our homeowners?

    ABSOLUTELY! We love referrals and would love the opportunity to continue serving in your community. We do large and small painting. No service is too small, but please keep in mind that we have a minimum of $150.

  • Do you do electrostatic painting?

    We do! We use this to paint a lot of the metal surfaces you find in the community. (read more)

Why People Choose MTS


7 Year Warranty

We provide a 7 year labor & material warranty because we are confident you will have a long-lasting paint job.


Accredited Company

PCA Accredited contractors have proven their expertise and dedication to quality in the industry.


High Quality

We are dedicated to providing quality in every aspect of the job - from the materials to the employees.

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