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At MTS Painting our commercial painting experts have the tools and expertise to set your commercial property apart from the rest. Is your building’s paint faded and chipped? Looking for tenant improvements? Then let the professional commercial painting craftsmen at MTS Painting give your commercial property the overhaul it needs. We specialize in painting commercial buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, hotels, schools, hospitals, state and federal buildings – if it needs paint, we’ll paint it!

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Commercial Painting Services

Interior Commercial Painting

Exterior Commercial Painting

Retail Painting

Office and Warehouse Painting

Tenant Improvements

Commercial Suite Clean-Outs

Border Fence Painting

Carport Painting

Curb Painting

Industrial Painting

Utility/Meter Painting

Waterworks Painting


Media Blasting

Power Washing

Chemical Stripping

Stucco Repairs

Drywall Patching and Texturing

Waterproofing Walls and Parapets

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Suspended Ceiling Tile Repairs

Paint Failure Assessments

Why People Choose MTS


7 Year Warranty

We provide a 7 year labor & material warranty because we are confident you will have a long-lasting paint job.


Accredited Company

PCA Accredited contractors have proven their expertise and dedication to quality in the industry.


High Quality

We are dedicated to providing quality in every aspect of the job - from the materials to the employees.

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on Commercial Painting

  • What can you paint at my facility?

    If it can be painted, we can paint it! We can take care of full exteriors, full interiors, perimeter walls and fencing, gates, lampposts, waste enclosures, bollards, monument signs, and utility boxes.

  • Can you paint my offices during off hours?

    Generally speaking, the answer is no. We do not offer weekend or second shift timeframes. We want our crew to be home with their families. On a rare occasion we will make an exception. However, we can work with you to paint offices starting very early (5 AM) and during normal business hours with as little disruption as possible.

  • How long will my exterior paint job last?

    Exterior paint is designed to last between 7 and 10 years depending on the quality of paint that is used, the use (or abuse), and the amount of exposure it has to the elements.

  • How long will my interior job last?

    Technically, interior paint can last a lifetime. Considering that people contribute to wear and tear and that colors go in and out of style, an interior paint job lasts between 5-15 years before repainting is recommended. This depends on how much traffic is in each room, how much exposure the paint has to the elements (i.e., the sunshine), and the type of paint that you use. MTS Painting works with you to get you the interior paint job you want, and we are happy to help make recommendations and provide options to meet all your needs.

  • How do you protect cars in the parking lot?

    Sprayed paint can be caught on a breeze, so cars cannot park near active painting areas. Our crew will arrive early in the morning to barricade parking spots close to the painting site each day we are there.

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