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Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting uses precision technology to paint any metal surface cleanly giving a fine hard finish. The negatively charged object and the positively charged paint are drawn together like iron filings to a magnet. This attraction allows for a smooth, high quality finish. It’s completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Electrostatic painting has been used in the controlled environments of factories for many years. It has only been recently that mobile equipment was developed that allows coatings to be electrostatically applied outside of controlled environments (spray booths).

Just as with magnetic fields, two electrostatic objects with oppositely charged particles will automatically attract one another. This is the core idea of electrostatic painting, which harnesses these electrostatic fields in order to paint metal objects more quickly and cost efficiently. Cleanup is also a breeze.

The first step of the process involves mixing the paint with the proper solvent so the spray equipment will be able to produce a positive charge on the liquid material. The metal object that needs to be painted will then be grounded through a wire clamped on to the substrate. As the metal object and the formulated paint hold opposing charges- the paint is positive while the metal is negative- the paint easily becomes attracted to the metal object.

After the product mixing is finished, and the setup is done, the painting can take place. The positively charged paint is lightly sprayed onto the metal object and grabs on easily to the surface. The attraction from the opposing charges is so strong that even if just one side of a metal pole is sprayed, the charge will automatically draw the paint around the metal, covering its entire surface from one side.

This application process works well with the high end two-component urethane coatings which are more durable than architectural paints. In addition, the process is eco-friendly since it boasts the most efficient transfer rate of all types of spray equipment.


Ideal Metals for Electrostatic Painting

Industrial Equipment

Wrought Iron Fencing

Chain-Link Fencing




Duct Work


Office Furniture


Restroom Partitions

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