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Home Repair & Maintenance

At MTS Painting we know that home repair and maintenance is the best way to keep your home looking new between paint jobs. With years of experience under our belt, our professional employees are highly trained in all aspects of home maintenance. From drywall repairs to door repair and adjustments, MTS Painting’s skilled craftsmen will get the job done right quickly and efficiently, and if you need other services like roofing or eavestrough with the use of eavestrough installation in Ottawa.


Repainting your home exterior is a major job, whether you do it yourself or hire a local painting company. It’s natural, then, that we want our homes to go as long as possible between repainting. The danger, though, is that if you let it go too long, the paint begins to deteriorate and the project gets drastically hard (and more expense). That is why exterior paint maintenance is so important.

When you perform proper paint maintenance on your home exterior, it provides you with several important benefits. First of all, your home looks great year after year, even when it has been quite a while since your last full paint job. When you don’t perform this maintenance, your home begins to look slightly shabby and dirty after just a couple of years. 

Do you need a mirror hung in your bathroom or new door locks installed and don’t have the tools to do it yourself? Are you tired of making multiple trips to the hardware store? Then call the skilled craftsmen at MTS Painting. Our expert handymen have all the tools and know-how to do those pesky home repairs quickly and correctly. Not only are we the authority in painting, we are expert craftsmen in almost any home repair.


Maintenance Services

Cabinet Painting

Drywall Patching & Texturing

Stucco Repairs

Fence Painting

Wallpaper Removal

Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Weather-stripping Replacements

Waterproofing Walls and Parapets

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Wood Finishing (Doors, Cabinets, Banisters)

Why People Choose MTS


7 Year Warranty

We provide a 7 year labor & material warranty because we are confident you will have a long-lasting paint job.


Accredited Company

PCA Accredited contractors have proven their expertise and dedication to quality in the industry.


High Quality

We are dedicated to providing quality in every aspect of the job - from the materials to the employees.

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